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Sports are some of the main forms of entertainment around the world. Many people had sport as their first contact with entertainment. In addition, they had affective relationships, like those that occur when we watch a match next to someone we love. In this way, many people are looking for ways to watch NHL to follow the main games.

Unfortunately, in Brazil, we don't have such a strong force of sports other than football . Thus, if you want to follow sports such as basketball , hockey , volleyball and even American football , you will need to look for alternatives specialized in these types of transmissions.

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Thinking about it, we made this article so that you can watch NHL without having to try so hard. By the way, our main objective is to provide you with a positive experience. See all the options and which ones best suit your sports consumer style.

  1. What is NHL?
  2. Apps to watch NHL
    1. Star+
    2. Directv GO
    3. NHL.TV
  3. Did you like the tips?

What is NHL?

If you haven't followed hockey for a long time, then you might not know what the NHL is . The acronym refers to the National Hockey League , or, in Portuguese, the National Ice Hockey League. The NHL has a huge influence among hockey fans. Therefore, in Brazil, the league continues to grow as the sport's popularity increases.

The NHL is made up of hockey teams from both the United States and Canada . Even in Canada, the league is also known by the acronym that represents the league in French: LNH ( Ligue Nationale de Hockey ).

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Hockey, or Ice Hockey, is a very popular sport in countries like the United States and Canada, which means that there is a high investment in these teams that stand out in the sport. Therefore, if you like the sport, you can be sure that watch the NHL will give you a great time.

Apps to watch NHL

Apps are emerging as answers to problems we have. That is, when we have certain needs, such as watch the NHL, these applications emerge as ways to meet these needs. In our case, these apps will broadcast matches.

In each application, we will also add the download links for each one. However, they are trusted links . Therefore, there is no need to be afraid. Download links on Android are directly from the Google Play Store and for iPhone are directly from the App Store .


Star+ streaming platform is one of the main alternatives when it comes to movies and series. After all, the platform brought incredible content to its catalog, giving fans even more content options to consume. In addition, the platform has, with exclusivity, content such as Modern Family and Grey's Anatomy , further increasing its fame.

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But one of the main reasons that make Star+ different from competitors is the fact that the platform is one of the best in terms of sports broadcasting. There, you will be able to watch NHL, but you will also be able to follow other sports, such as football, basketball and even American football.

The platform is also known for presenting broadcasts with incredible image quality and voiceovers. In addition, you can watch NHL wherever you want, as Star+ has an app for smartTV , tablet, computer and cell phone. That is, no matter where you are, if you have access to the Internet, your fun is guaranteed!

If you're interested in Star+ as an alternative to watch NHL, you can download it to your mobile device. just click here to download on your Android. Or you can click here to download on your iPhone.

Directv GO

Directv GO is a streaming platform that came up with a very common philosophy among software developers , which is always looking to solve problems . Streaming platforms emerged to allow people to always have their content available whenever and wherever they want. In addition, the subscription fee is much more affordable than subscription TV plans.

However, there are people who prefer the cable TV experience, in which there are several channels and you choose which one to watch, and thus follow the predefined programming. However, with the values and technology applied on the main platforms, they end up subscribing to one of them.

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In this way, Directv GO is solving this problem by allowing for a blending of these experiences. You can watch content in the traditional pay-TV format, but you will also have access to an affordable price, in addition to technology that allows you to watch NHL on your cell phone, smartTV and other devices.

In this way, Directv GO ends up becoming a great alternative for you to watch NHL. In addition, you can also use the platform to watch other sports such as football and basketball. So don't limit yourself. Since you are using the platform, enjoy everything it can offer you in terms of entertainment.

If you are interested in this alternative, you can click here to download the app from the Google Play Store. But if you use iPhone, you can click here to download it from the App Store. In addition, you can also access it on smartTV and your browser.


It is normal for leagues to develop their own apps to allow their fans to follow matches officially. Despite being paid, it is one of the best options for watch NHL. After all, the quality is very interesting and you will be directly helping to grow investments in this sport that we love so much.

Watching NHL through NHL.TV has an interesting limitation: if you live close to where a game is being played, you will be unable to follow the match through the app. This happens as a way of encouraging people to watch in person instead of following through the Internet.

In case you liked the alternative, you can download it on your Android device through this link . But if you use iPhone, you can click here and download. You can also watch NHL through this platform through a web browser.

Did you like the tips?

This article was developed with the aim of helping you watch NHL. I hope that one of the aforementioned platforms is useful and helps you to follow each of the games played by your favorite team. Take the opportunity to read our other materials , I'm sure you'll love our site.

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