3 ways to watch NFL live!

This article will give you 3 different ways to watch NFL live and see all the matches of the biggest American football competition in the world!

Do you want to watch NFL but still don’t know which platform to choose? The market has several apps and websites waiting for fans who want to consume all the exclusive information about the competition and, today, we are going to show you which ones they are!


Who has never heard of the Super Bowl ? Even for those who don’t follow American football games, they’ve certainly seen a show in the NFL’s grand final, which is accompanied by people from all over the world. An incredible event in the decision of the most important sport in the United States.

NFL, or National Football League , is the most important American football league in the world, attracting many viewers to watch its games and follow each phase of the American competition. The 103rd season has been running since September 8, 2022 and runs until the grand finale on February 12, 2023.

watch NFL
Credit: NFL

If you are an American football fan and are looking for where to watch NFL, read this article until the end and see some tips that we leave for our readers. They are paid and free options that will deliver you a lot of quality!

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Where to watch NFL?

We know that watching NFL is a very popular term for American football fans who want to find the best option for a channel or platform that offers a quality service, with exclusive live broadcasts.

Maybe you think that to access this service from anywhere, you need to maintain a monthly subscription, but that’s not always the case. Today we are going to give you three options between free and paid platforms that are equally good.

To get away from traditional media, such as television stations, we present ways to watch NFL that you can access from anywhere, just using your cell phone and internet. See this short list:


ESPN is the biggest channel when it comes to broadcasting and coverage of sports around the world. You can watch NFL here on television, on the Hulu platform or on the official app made available exclusively to anyone who wants information anytime, anywhere.

watch NFL
Credit: espn

Fans can download the ESPN Player app and have access to live American football matches and many other on-demand content for their subscribers. Click here and go straight to the site to learn more.

Download: iOS | Android


Sportsurge is a platform that can be the best choice to watch the NFL live and with quality. The site offers the sports streaming service without having to pay anything for it, and can be accessed without registering.

watch NFL
Credit: sportsurge

Access the site and watch NFL, NHL, NBA, MMA, and many other segments here, on exclusive channels. They are live games and also recorded so that you don’t miss any more moments of the competition that you follow, even without being able to see them at the time.

Betting Sites

Are you looking for a place to watch NFL and pay very cheaply for it? In addition to being sites for guessing and earning money from sports, bookmakers offer broadcasts of games in various sports, including American football.

watch NFL
Credit: internet

To see the games, just register on the chosen platform and have a minimum deposit in your account. Some sites we suggest are: Sportbet.io, Fairspin or Betwinner. But you can also choose one you already know.

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Did you like these tips?

With these platforms that we indicate throughout the text, you will be able to watch the NFL and recommend it to any friend who likes to follow American football. It’s content and live broadcasts to keep you on top of each competition bid.

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