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Watching sporting events is certainly one of the best forms of entertainment we can have. Only those who have gathered their friends to watch NBA , or any other league, know how unique the feeling is and provides surreal experiences. Therefore, the sport manages to reach surprising emotional levels.

There are even those who are passionate about basketball or other sports, such as football, precisely because of the emotions that were provided at certain times in history by these sports. Like watching alongside someone special when you were a kid. That is, sport ends up being an emotional trigger.

However, sometimes people are disappointed by not being able to watch NBA due to the barriers we have in our country. With that in mind, we made this list to help you keep up with this amazing content that you already love.

  1. Meet the NBA
  2. app to watch NBA
    1. YouTube
    2. NBA League Pass
    3. bandplay
    4. Amazon Prime Video
    5. Facebook
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Meet the NBA

The NBA ( National Basketball Association ) is an American basketball league. By the way, it is the most famous basketball league in the world. Even in Brazil there are thousands of fans of sports teams that participate in this league, such as Cleveland Cavaliers , Golden State Warriors , Los Angeles Lakers , Chicago Bulls and other teams that made history in the sport.

All this fame is justified when we understand that these are really the best teams. Even the NBA tends to bring together the best basketball players in the world. Making watching the NBA truly a unique experience.

Therefore, we are going to list some apps for you to watch NBA and not miss these moments. This subject will also be essential for those who are starting to follow the sport of basketball. Therefore, I hope this content is useful to you.

app to watch NBA

Mobile apps are tools that provide special solutions to some problems. In the case in question, we want to watch NBA, so we need tools that are capable of transmitting these matches, and preferably, with quality of image and narration.

Therefore, we have selected apps that will give you a great experience. The image and narration quality is great, not so good only if your Internet connection is having problems.


YouTube is one of the world 's leading streaming platforms. After all, the platform is a pioneer in this matter and is distinguished by the fact that you can find practically any type of video on the platform. You can even learn specific basketball techniques, as well as watch videos of the best moments of your favorite teams.

(CREDIT: YouTube)

So to watch NBA you can use YouTube as a tool. However, obviously we are not going to recommend channels that broadcast illegally, we are going to recommend one that has broadcast rights for this purpose.

So, get to know the TNT Sports channel, the YouTube channel of the broadcaster of the same name. The company manages to broadcast some of the main games thanks to a partnership it has with the Budweiser beer brand .

To watch, just open YouTube's main page and click on the platform's search tool. Enter the channel name and search among the alternatives. Or, if you want to go straight from here, just click here to access the channel.

NBA League Pass

The NBA League Pass is the subscription plan developed by the NBA itself so that fans can officially follow the games with quality and confidence. Therefore, for a long time, this was the way Brazilian fans found to watch NBA. After all, it had unique qualities.

watch nba

In addition, you will be able to see a selection of the best moments through the platform. Making sure you can have fun even if there are no live games at that time. We can safely say that this is one of the main alternatives for basketball lovers.

If you are interested, just click here to download the Android app from the Google Play Store. But if you use an iPhone, just click here to download directly from the App Store.


Basketball fans have a fond relationship with the Brazilian broadcaster Band (or TV Bandeirantes). This station was one of the first alternatives to watch NBA in Brazil. There are even those who got to know basketball through this station. Therefore, it further increases the affective bond.

(Reprodução: Band)

In addition, the station is open TV. That is, the transmissions take place free of charge. But since we're here to recommend cell phone apps, let's talk about Bandplay , an application developed so that fans of the station can follow the content directly from their cell phones.

Bandplay will provide you with a great experience with live streaming content, so you will be able to watch NBA. But it will also have other exclusive content from the broadcaster, such as behind the scenes of specific programs.

If you are interested, you can download the option on your mobile device. Just click here to download the app from the Google Play Store for Android. Or click here to download from the App Store for iPhone.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most popular streaming platforms in Brazil. The platform has a large number of wonderful series and movies that will provide you with great moments. There are shows and movies of all kinds. Therefore, you can browse and search for your preferred genre.

prime video
(Reprodução: Prime Video)

However, what few knew is that it was possible to watch NBA through this platform. In fact, it is one of the most recent novelties that has been included by the company on the platform. Therefore, you can find the games by searching for the "sports" category on the platform. There you will have the games divided by their times and dates.

You can watch NBA on Amazon Prime Video through your smartTV , web browser or even your cell phone. To download on mobile, click here to download on Android or click here to download for iPhone.


Facebook has invested in live streams to entertain its users. In this way, the platform began to be used to broadcast sports through profiles of famous broadcasters. In this case, CNN is the company that will help you watch NBA.

(CREDIT: Facebook)

You probably already have the Facebook app downloaded. Therefore, all you have to do is search the CNN do Brasil page during the games and follow along with your friends. That way, watching NBA became even easier.

Did you like the tips?

We made this article to help you watch NBA. We have selected free apps and apps that require a subscription. So, you will be able to choose which one best suits you. If you liked it, check out more articles on our site.

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