Free online TV: 4 platforms to watch!

watch your favorite shows from anywhere with the 4 app tips to watch free online TV that we've separated to show you in this article.

Watching movies, series, documentaries and TV channels online for free has never been easier. Today, we have a platform for streaming channels and on-demand content in the palm of our hand, via cell phone and reasonable internet connection.

free online tv
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Even away from home, anyone can watch their programming without needing a television nearby. Television channels have embraced the digital age and are ready to serve viewers with great comfort.

Interested in knowing the main ways to watch free online TV today? Check out in this article some platforms that have national and international content, as well as several channels to watch live now!

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Where can I watch free TV online?

To watch free online TV with so many options on the market, you must first analyze what type of content you want to consume and which companies producing that content interest you most. Today, we have something for everyone, and virtually every audiovisual media company has joined the app world.

Check out the short list below, some of the main apps to watch free online TV today, their features and links that go straight to the app store for you to download and start consuming!

Pluto tv

Pluto TV is a platform to watch free online TV with several exclusive channels for those who want to access it. It’s a Paramount service, with a different method than what we usually see, like channels separated by theme.

free online tv
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If you want to watch TV online for free here, just access the Pluto TV website or application and search for the brand, design, reality, genre or any other segment you want. There’s a lot of quality programming waiting for you.

Download: iOS | Android


Freeview is a website and app platform to watch TV online for free with several channels from different segments. There’s plenty of on-demand content and television channels for news, sports, entertainment, and more.

free online tv
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Users who register approve of FreeView’s free service, and can also choose to add other content to access the platform, such as productions on Netflix, Prime Video Now.

Download: iOS | Android


The most practical and accessible platform that we can present to our readers is without a doubt YouTube. It is present in several of our lists that talk about the consumption of video content, as it is a reference in the segment, it is free and does not require registration.

free online tv
Credit: YouTube

On Youtube you can find several channels broadcasting their programming live, and a lot of recorded content for those who want to find and watch. You can also watch football matches, talk shows, soap operas and much more. The best way to watch free online TV today.

Download: iOS | Android


Sportsurge is a web platform that will allow users to watch free online TV with live sports matches and a lot of recorded content for you. Major world championships like NFL, NBA and more.

free online tv
Credit: Sportsurge

To access the sports, just go to the website and search for your live or replayed match. Make sure your desired team is on the field and that the site is authorized to broadcast.

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Did you like these tips?

Downloading a free online TV application on your cell phone is the most practical way to access content from the main television stations. Now that you know which are the main ones available on the market, you can have them on your device to watch whenever you want!

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